Cotton Wood Meadows, Utah
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"I read Wild at Heart, and I discussed it in a group, but when I experienced everything at Wild Edge Adventures in the midst of God's amazing creation, that's when it became real to me.  The entire package of outdoors, adventure, and honest discussion was a transformative experience for me, the men I attended with, and also for my family." Steve
"My men's group went October 2011 and the consensus of all the men who went was that it was one of the best experiences of our lives. Everything about the trip exceeded all of our expectations from the beautiful location, accommodations, food, activities and studies. The balance of the physical and spiritual experience was perfect. Everything is provided from trout fishing, skeet shooting and rhino off road vehicles and the hosts were unbelievable in their hospitality in providing for all of our needs, comfort and excitement. This is a MUST experience for every man  that will definitely change their lives." Brian

"I have been a lot of beautiful places around the world. My time in Utah was unlike any other. I had some significant time to reflect and search my soul while taking in some majestic views, bonding with some great people and enjoying new experiences. The Wild Edge trip was a one of a kind adventure for me, but even more than that I was challenged to be better: as a man of God, a husband, a father and a brother in Christ." Matt
"I had the privilege of joining the July 2011 Wild Edge Adventures.  My relationship with God was realigned and deepened with the combination of daily study of God's Word with other men and unique blocks of time to  be still and know that I am God.  Tasty  man menus fellowship, and outdoor activity.  The Staff did a great job of providing an environment where one can unplug from your normal routine, relax, re-engage your walk with God, start or renew friendships, enjoy the beauty and majesty of God's creation, while engaging in outdoor activities such as river fly fishing, lake drift fishing, ATV off-roading, skeet shooting, compound bow shooting, hiking, and climbing.  The staffs insightful and perceptive facilitating of our morning and evening sessions kept us grappling with the mission of recapturing our heart for God.  I highly recommend this retreat and promise you that God will give you a return on investment that is beyond your expectations. " - Blane
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