Cotton Wood Meadows, Utah
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As we look for men who are committed to join us on this journey, we want to share a few things that committing to will maximize your experience and growth.  This is not a "one weekend" and done type of adventure.  This is an ongoing "lifetime" heart changing endeavor, and as such, it will take an extra measure of your time, and some of your treasure:

Prior to going we would ask that you read "Wild at Heart" by John Eldridge as this is the premise for the discussions and roadmap.  This is crucial.  Bring your book with you.  Decide, Where is it that God is calling you? If not Wild Edge Adventures, then where?  If it is with Wild Edge Adventures, pray for a clear unmistakable message from God that this is the retreat for you. 

Cost  $495.00 plus your travel expenses.  This will get you a spot in the expedition in Utah, three square meals a day, six-star lodging, and the tools to get the job done.  Of course you are welcome to bring your own fly-fishing equipment (or use ours onsite).  Fly fishing licenses can be purchased on your own in advance or onsite once you arrive.  This adventure experience is for men 18 years of age or older, No alcohol, no firearms, and no computers"  

Prayer we ask that you take this to your wife (if married) or girlfriend (if dating) and your family, pray about it, and get on the same page.  We would like to enroll your spouse or girlfriend and family members as part of our "intercessory" prayer team that will be keeping us in prayer while we are away.

Physical Conditioning you will be faced with some rugged terrain and weather conditions.  We do not want this to deter you, but we highly encourage you to prepare yourself for exertion at elevation.

Listen for God to speak Groups are going to be small with a maximum of 8 men per retreat.  As the way of discussions go during the weekend it is not necessarily set up for fathers and sons; however, we do not limit that.  Grab a buddy, your brother, or cousin, and take this journey together.  There will be alone time with God during the 5 days so come with an expectant heart.  God will show up and when He does, listen !
Expeditions will be posted
soon for 2013!