Exchange-Level Mail Service
Webmail with built-in collaboration for your ministry to help in sharing calendars, contacts, task, notes and more!


Access your email from anywhere with just about any device that has internet connectivity. Our webmail and collaboration tools allow you to stay in touch and communicate better than ever before. Keep your ministry team on task and up to date with our shared calendaring and scheduling, task , contacts, notes and more. With optional mobile syncing you can now take your office and team with you everywhere. Not only will you get awesome collaboration tools, but it is supported by the industry's leading antispam solution (Commtouch ®), which reduces spam up to 99.5%.


Utilizing the power of the web and all devices that connect to it, you will always be able to access your email, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks. The powerful interface is both user-friendly and feature rich to make quick work of effective communication. Don't settle for just an email account when you can get the power of an exchange server included with your website.


Today we move faster than ever and to be truly effective you need to be able to collaborate with others in your ministry. Our shared calendars, task, scheduling, contacts and notes will allow you to carry your office anywhere you go. Imagine that you just received a call and you need to schedule a meeting for tomorrow afternoon. Simply enter the meeting into your scheduling tool and select the guests that are invited to attend and let the scheduling tool send out the notifications. Then quickly send out a email blast to your entire congregation about a service time change due to inclement weather all while waiting in line at the grocery store. Our goal is to help you be more efficient and effective in your ministry!

Mobile Exchange ActiveSync (Additional Cost)

Our optional mobile ActiveSync solution allows you to sync most mobile devices on the market, including iPhone and iPad, Google Android, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, HP and Windows Phones. Utilizing direct push technologies the ActiveSync will ensure that both your mobile devices and computer are always in sync through real-time over-the-air syncing on hundreds of devices. This service is offered at an additional cost of $4/month per account. The reason we charge for this service is the additional license needed from Microsoft for their ActiveSync technology. Adding this to your account will keep you updated and the convenience is well worth the cost!


Are you tired of all the spam in your inbox? With HaloSites mail solution you are automatically enrolled into Commtouch ® Premium Antispam protection which reduces spam by up to 99.5%. Commtouch ® uses Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology to recognize potential threats around the world and provides real-time updating on your account to block new spam threats as soon as they emerge. Think of it as kind of a flu shot, in that it protects you from spam that you can't see and will never be exposed to!

On top of the Commtouch ® Antispam, we include other methods such as greylisting, SPF, DomainKeys/DKIM, Bayesian filtering, reverse DNS, RBL, blacklist/whitelist, SMTP blocking, custom headers, and per-user spam weighting.


Our mail servers have several protection benefits that other mail servers don't provide. We include support for incoming and outgoing SSL/TLS connections. We also use active directory authentication, administrative IP restrictions, harvest attack detection, denial of service (DOS) attack prevention, brute force detection and malicious script authentication.

All accounts with HaloSites get out-of-the-box self-updating anti-virus from ClamAV. Since most viruses come from simple web surfing, we still recommend that all users, especially Windows users have there own antivirus solution as well. We have gone through great lengths to ensure that your information is secure. Simply put, your email is safer with us!


All web packages through HaloSites will receive an email administrative account that allows you to manage your ministry's accounts.


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