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Media Tools

Let us help you reach the world! The power of the internet can take your message to the ends of the earth with audio or video sermons, you can also let visitors subscribe to your syndicated podcast feeds. These resources are available to our Platinum and Media hosting plans.

Video and Audio Sermons

Post your audio or video sermons online for all the world to see. With HALO Sermon Manager you will be able to easily post your sermons online with Sermon Date, Title, Author, Subtitle, Summary and Keywords. Each of these become searchable fields for your visitors so they can quickly and easily find sermons that they are interested in. Make it easy on yourself and use the HALO Sermon Manager!

sermons and Podcast

Video and Audio Podcasting

Have you ever wanted to push out your message to a list of subscribers? If so, then Podcasting is the solution for you! Podcasting allows you to easily push out videos or audio messages to a group easily. Just like the Sermon Manager, you can add many fields of searchable data to the podcast. However, best of all, when you publish your podcast through HALO Podcast Manager, it will automatically push out the message to those subscribers and allow them to listen or watch at their convenience. Start podcasting today with our easy to use Podcast Manager.


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